Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh My!

Okay... So I thought it might be time to post a pregnancy pic!
With my first pregnancy
I took pictures like every other week!
I wanted to capture every moment of my pregnancy...

Round 2, not so much and I feel horrible,
but honestly the weeks are just flying by
and before I know it a month has gone by and then another!
Did I mention that I only have 2 more months? AHHH!

I am actually really excited and cannot wait to meet our little Aria!!
As it gets closer I am becoming more sentimental and excited
about having another little precious baby in the house,
especially since my first baby is a full blown toddler now :}

Since Cadence was a week late and we decided to induce,
{by the looks of this picture}
I am hoping this baby is a little early or at least on time,
considering I am HUGE this time around!
{I know two weeks can make a difference, but come on!}

Everyone think positive that she stays under 8lbs ;}


  1. WOW! Going she's stretching a lot more huh?! ;)

  2. That is amazing! what's totally crazy is that your belly is also a completely different shape each time! WOW!


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