Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh My!

Okay... So I thought it might be time to post a pregnancy pic!
With my first pregnancy
I took pictures like every other week!
I wanted to capture every moment of my pregnancy...

Round 2, not so much and I feel horrible,
but honestly the weeks are just flying by
and before I know it a month has gone by and then another!
Did I mention that I only have 2 more months? AHHH!

I am actually really excited and cannot wait to meet our little Aria!!
As it gets closer I am becoming more sentimental and excited
about having another little precious baby in the house,
especially since my first baby is a full blown toddler now :}

Since Cadence was a week late and we decided to induce,
{by the looks of this picture}
I am hoping this baby is a little early or at least on time,
considering I am HUGE this time around!
{I know two weeks can make a difference, but come on!}

Everyone think positive that she stays under 8lbs ;}

Friday, February 26, 2010

Decorating: Fireplace Mantel

We moved into our new place back in August,
I found out I was pregnant in September,
October, November and December flew by!

Now that it is the end of February,
I have finally found the motivation
to get some decorating done! 

I have been seeing a lot of nicely decorated fireplace mantels,
so I thought I would start there :}

Here is what I did!!

As you can see I started with a pretty blank slate!

I found the FAMILY sign at Micheal's for 40% OFF
{plus I never forget my coupons} 
so that was another 40% OFF which came out to about $3!!

I knew I had a couple of pillar candles,
and had seen somewhere {can't remeber where} 
decorative paper wrapped around them
to give them a different look!
Michael's had their 12x12 sheets on SALE
for 25 cents each {score!}

Everything else I had around the house :}

A quick, easy and inexpesive redecorating project!

* Next up will be to recover our dining table chairs ;} *

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crafty: Baby Shower Gift

This idea all started when I found this tutorial
on a travel wipes case here.
So I decided to make one of my own!
What do you think?

Is it my new clutch or a travel wipes case?! ;}

This was super easy and turned out super cute!!
Plus it's a NO SEW project :}

Then I thought...
HEY, what about a matching burp cloth...

So I used one of the many
plain white burp cloths/cloth diapers
we have from the hospital when we had Cadence.
{I am guilty of taking a few extra, but I think they expect that!}

First, I measured the length and width
of the center section to cut my piece of fabric.
I added an extra 1/2" to each end to be able to wrap around
the top and bottom edge.
I didn't worry about the sides since I would be covering it.
Then, I just pinned my fabric into place
and sewed around the edges.
To finish the side edges I added some 1/4" satin ribbon
{I thought this would be soft enough for a baby's face}

But I wasn't done yet...

I am always seeing this adorable little onesies
with the ruffles on the bottoms
and thought that would be the perfect!

For the ruffles I cut a 14"{length} x 1"{width} strips of fabric,
then sewed right down the middle.
{I just did two ruffles since this is a newborn onesie, but you can always do more!}
Then, I took the top thread only
and started gathering the fabric until it was spaced evenly.
Lastly, I pinned the gathered strips to the onesie
and sewed right down the middle again onto the onesie!
{Or go here for a more detailed tutorial}

I also thought the front could use something,
so I cut out a heart shape and hand stitched it to the front.
{hey, I am still learning to sew in a straight line on the machine!}

This was a fun project and the possiblities are endless!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

Wishing a
to my wonderful

{I LOVE this picture, it shows your goofy side!}

You are an amazing woman, so strong and beautiful
{Kisses and Hugs from Adam and Cadee too! xoxo} 

Have a GREAT DAY and here is a sneak peak
of what I made you ;}

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Vintage Machine ;}

I finally pulled out the sewing machine...
{I know it's been like a month since I was supposed to get started!}

It was my Mom's
{her dad bought it for her as a teenager}

It works great for being so vintage! {now that it's fixed}

I completed my very first project on it last night :}

A new baby blanket for Aria

This was pretty easy once I got the hang of the machine speed,
 I think the hardest part for me is keeping a straight line ;}

I love this fleecy fabric ~ so soft
I decided to use a 2" satin ribbon around the edge
{it is easier to fold in half and iron before you pin it to the fabric}
Then I was a sewing machine!!
hehe pun intended ;}

 Stay tuned for more fun projects on my new toy!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I feel so LUCKY to have such a
loving and thoughtful HUBBY!

I would have to say
 this Valentine's was probably
one of the BEST!!

We usually say
we are not going to get gifts for each other
because we don't like falling into the trap
of this "consumer holiday" ;}

But thoughtful, inexpensive gifts
are always welcome!

So what he did was make us a dozen
Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

And I made him a small photobook of us
throughout the 12 years we have been together!
{married 4 1/2}

Overall it was a great day,
we took Cadee and Lucy to the park,
made a delicious dinner,
and had a sweet and yummy dessert
and got a kick out of how we have
changed over the years!

I hope everyone had a wonderful
I would love to hear your special moments
so feel free to post a comment and share!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafty: Mod Podge Hangers

Since I have been in craft mode
{some might call it nesting?}
I have found some great little projects
that don't cost too much $$!
{with the bad economy and all, we must pinch our pennies}

This particular project came from a fellow blogger
{so, I can't take the credit for the idea}
check out her blog here


I was able to find these great hangers at Joann's Fabric
in the discount bins

Then I found some extra fabric I loved
and was hoping to find the perfect use for it!

I just followed these simple steps:
*Using a small sponge paint brush,
apply a layer of MOD PODGE
to one side of the hanger
{do this quickly because it will dry quickly}
* Lay you fabric on top
and smooth over the hanger
*Trim the fabric around the edges
*Apply another coat of MOD PODGE
over the fabric to seal
*Let dry and then repeat on the other side
*I added a ribbon to the top
and secured it with hot glue
{get creative and add your own touch!}
*Let them hang to dry
and you have a cute hanger to add to your closet
or give as a gift!

This project probably took me a total of 1 hour
and it was a lot of fun!
I ended up giving them to my Mother-in-law
as a birthday gift and she loved them!

Let me know if you give it a try :}
and send me a pic,
I would love to see the finished product!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deal of the Day: Crib/Bassinet

This little cutie was such a great deal!

I went to our local kids consignment store
and stumbled across this little crib/bassinet for Aria.
It is in like new condition and was only $55!!
{how much damage can a newborn really do, right?!} 
I had a $20 gift card, so basically... I only spent $35 on it :}

Granted we have a Pack n' Play we used with Cadence,
but we also had a bedroom that was twice as big ;}
{the full size one can be quite bulky}
When I saw this I knew it would be perfect for our new place,
it's about 20% smaller than the full size one :}
plus now we have an extra one to take places with us!
{like over night at Grammy and Papa's!}

I did a little research...
 and found that these sell for $90-$100 brand new!! YIKES!!

On eBay the cheapest I found was $75 + $23 shipping
as a Buy it Now and it wasn't brand new!

There was also one with 13 bids
currently at $24.50 + $25 shipping
and still 5 days left to bid :(
{I wasn't in the mood to take chances, people get crazy on there}

*So I am very happy with our thrifty purchase
I am really learning that there is no reason to pay full price
if you can get it cheaper!!*

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