Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sassy Pants

So I was browsing Target once again 
and it seems like everything is on clearance, 
it's great!

I happened to find some plain old sweat pants for my girls
that I thought I could make a little more sassy! ;)


I just took some satin ribbon and sewed it down the sides,
then made a couple of bows to add to the bottom.
Lastly, I added a little rhinestone for an extra girly touch!

What do you think?

I was hoping to add them to my etsy shop,
but when I went back they were all gone :(


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LivingSocial Deals 
$20 Giftcard 
for ONLY $10

I got mine, get yours here!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pinterest is the NEW...


Wow this new network is so exciting!
For me, 
this is what I have been needing 
to catalog all those ideas and inspiration 
for DIYs, blog topics, decor ideas, and the list goes on!
I was turned on to this site by Beth from The Stories of A to Z
She did a great tutorial on what Pinterest has to offer!

Here is a picture of my first PIN!
Aren't they adorable!!

Well I have a feeling I am going to be going Pin wild
all over my board with fun things like this! :}


Friday, January 7, 2011

Recycling Crayons

If you have a toddler,
most likely you have A LOT of crayons 
{and unlikely kept neatly in their box!}
I found this great idea to keep all those little crayons,
 {that are constantly breaking}
 in a more toddler friendly form!
I just took a large box of crayons from the dollar store
{48 crayons for a dollar, can't beat that!}
I only used 1 box, 
but I think 2 boxes would make for a better batch,
that way you have more colors to work with!
Then I used a regular size muffin tin,
I think the size is easy for those little toddler hands to hold ;)
This was also a great opportunity 
for Cadee to practice matching colors!!
After she divided the colors, 
I arranged the crayons 
so that there would be a multiple colors 
around the edges!
 Pop them in the oven for 15 min at 250 degrees 
 Pretty cool huh?!
 Let the tin cool a bit,
then carefully place in the freezer for 15 min.
{This makes it easier to take out of the muffin tin!}
Fun and wacky coloring crayons your toddler will love 
and a perfect indoor activity during these winter months!

Happy coloring,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

All good things for 2011!!!
2010 was a year of transition and changes for my family,
we are looking forward to 2011 being a year of 
doing less and loving more!

Our lives can easily get too busy 
and we soon find ourselves overwhelmed with packed schedules 
and less time for yourself and your family. 
We have decided to take it back to basics 
and make sure to have quality family time this year!

Also, I have a fresh start in my Etsy shop,
all new items for the New Year!!
Here is a look at some of the new stuff ;)

Wishing everyone a joyful and prosperous 2011!


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