Friday, August 27, 2010

WOW! 50... and counting I hope ;)

I just hit 50 followers!
This is amazing!!

When I started this blog
I wasn't really sure what direction I was going to take it,
so I just let it lead me.

I have found that I have a creative side I never knew was there
and a love for trying new recipes, finding great deals,
and most of all sharing them with all of you!!

Thank you
to all my wonderful "blog friends"
you make this so much more fun and exciting
to know that you find what I write about interesting :}

I will do my best to keep you intrigued 
and keep it fun!!
I always have new ideas in this little brain of mine ;},
now I have the motivation to make the time!!

Much love ,
BigSis LilSis

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous Find: Do you Groupon?

A few months back I found this website
click here
It has now become one of my favorites!

The way it works is you look up your city
{or the closest one to you}
And every day there is a NEW DEAL
usually 50% or more off!

But today's deal is something NEW!!
GAP has offered a deal like no other,
$25 for $50 worth of apparel :}
The BEST news is that it is
valid for ALL GAP stores!!!
{Can be used at Gap, Gapkids, GapBaby, GapBody}
Be sure to read the fine print for ALL details!

This deal is so popular that I can only imagine
they will sell hundreds of thousands today!!

Happy Shopping,
BigSis LilSis

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi, Ho... it's off to work I go...

So today was my first day back to work from maternity leave :((
It was hard,
but a mama has to do, what a mama has to do!

I have the most amazing husband
and he was able to stay home with our sweet little baby :))
{to help take away some of the anxiety of leaving her}

And of course everything went fine,
{he's the BEST daddy ever!}
but to my surprise, they made me this...

For me to have at my desk with me everyday!

We put her name, date and age
so I will remember this day as a happy one!

Thank you Lovey!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooking: Strawberry and Banana Crepes

This is one of our weekend breakfast favorites!

I just use the Bisquick recipe for pancakes
and then add about a half a cup of water to thin it out,
{you want it to be very runny so it will easily spread around the pan}
After you have preheated the pan on medium heat,
hold the pan in one hand and pour the batter around the pan
{use you pan holding hand and rotate the pan so the batter coats the pan evenly}
Sorry I didn't get a picture since I was using both hands ;}

This is what it should look like!

Get your strawberries and bananas sliced up
{or whatever you prefer, savory crepes are delicious too!}
My secret ingredient: NUTELLA!!!
this just makes the whole thing taste SOOO GOOD!!

Spread the Nutella and fruit slices in the center of the crepe and fold all side in

Carefully turn it over

Add your whipped topping and enjoy!!

Bon Appetite,
BigSis LilSis

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fabulous Find: Silhouette

So recently I came across this fantastic machine!
For awhile I have been trying to decide
if I should buy a Cricut machine,
well this little one has changed my mind!

Look at all the fun things it can do...

Vinyl Wall Decals
{so fun right!?}

Paper Crafting

Heat Transfers

Glass Etching
{my favorite!}


The possibilities are endless :}

This machine has it all and I want one!!
Definitely on my Christmas list
{if not before ;}

BigSis LilSis

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