Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crafty: Toy Trucks


A few months back,
I found myself in the dollar section {again ;}
at Target!

And came across these great little wooden trucks :)
At first I thought about letting my daughter paint them,
but then I thought it would be even better
to Mod Podge them with fun paper!
{I plan to use these colors for the next one, to make it extra girly!}

So I just traced the outline of the car on the back of the paper
Cut it out and did extra trimming where it needed!
Since I was planning to use the monkey paper for the sides,
I wanted to make sure it looked like there was
a monkey in the window area :}
Then I just painted the car with Mod Podge 
and attached the paper.
I applied two coats of Mod Podge all over
once all the sides were covered in paper
to give it a good seal!

What do you think?
My daughter LOVES it!

Girls like trucks too,
BigSis LilSis

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fabulous Find: Card Pool

Do you have giftcards at home that you just haven't used?

Apparently, a lot of people do, 
there are hundreds of thousands of dollars
from unclaimed giftcards every year!

If this is you,
check out this website where you can sell your unused giftcards
for CASH or gift cards you will use!


With Christmas around the corner,
why not trade those unused gift cards
for some extra cash or new giftcards to give as gifts!!

Card Pooling ;)
BigSis LilSis

Monday, September 13, 2010

Deal of the Day: Iced Coffee

I rarely drink hot coffee in the summer,
but I LOVE an iced coffee!!

I am a starbucks junkie when it comes to a

But since they are over $3,
I decided to cut back and just go with a traditional iced coffee
w/ vanilla flavoring
at what I thought was as steal
for only $1.85!

Then I thought to myself,
why am I even paying that much?!

I have coffee at home
and flavored creamer!!
{Dunkin Donuts coffee and French Vanilla creamer ;}

So here is my calculated savings
based on having a coffee everyday for a month:

Starbucks Iced Coffee.... $1.85 x 30 = $55.50

McDonald Iced Coffee.... $1.49 x 30 = $44.70
{just thought I would throw this in to compare too ;}

My @ Home Iced Coffee....

***Drum roll please***

$0.19 x 30 = $5.70


So, basically I can have a delicious iced coffee
everyday for a month
for the same price of one starbucks coffee and pastry,
while saving myself $50 to stash or buy myself something cute! ;}

Having my cake and eating it,
BigSis LilSis

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leg Warmers are in!

It seems like I have been seeing a lot of tutorials
on how to make your own leg warmers!
I went to my local Target
{as I have mentioned here, here and here!}
Long socks on clearence for $1.40
so I got a bunch!!
I found the easiet tutorial to follow here
So here is my take on it...
Cut off the toe and heel of the sock
{you will want to do both socks, but I just wanted to show you the difference ;}
Discard those or maybe use them for another project?!
Take the short piece from between the heel & toe
and tuck it in inward
so the two raw edges are together.
{it should look like the smaller piece in pic}
Then place the smaller piece
around the outside on the end of the long sock,
so that all the raw edges are together.
Next you want to pin it and sew 1/4" zig zag stitch
all the way around...
Then just flip the end around so the stitching is on the inside
and it should look like this when you are done!
So now you can have leg warmers for everyone,
just in time for the fall weather :}

They are especially great for those little ones
who are starting to crawl
for yourself when loungin' around the house ;}

BigSis LilSis

Friday, September 3, 2010

For the LOVE of Make-up...

What girl doesn't love an adorable make-up bag
{or really any kind of bag, satchel, tote, carry-all, etc.}

I know I do!
When I came across my friend Suzanne's blog A New Creation
and saw her awesome tutorial for a cute "boxy" pouch,
I wanted to make one asap!
{but since she is so sweet, she beat me to it and gave me one as a birthday gift!}

So I decided to try my hand at making one a little bigger
to use as a make-up bag!

Update: Now available in my Etsy Shop

Make-up Happy,

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