Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to MY BigSis!


We are not biological sisters, but have grown up together as sisters. We met each other when we were only 11 years old. I had moved to a new school and she was nice enough to ask me to have lunch with her!

As we grew up, we were constantly asked if we were SISTERS {we both have dark hair and blue eyes},
so we thought it was easier to just tell people YES!

And that is how we became BigSis and LilSis!
So when I started this blog I thought it was a great sentimental name since it would have multiple meanings for me!

Now as we are both Wives and Moms
we have shared so many great moments
and I know there are many more to come!

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for being the wonderful sister I never had!

Love you,

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