Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crafty: Baby Shower Gift

This idea all started when I found this tutorial
on a travel wipes case here.
So I decided to make one of my own!
What do you think?

Is it my new clutch or a travel wipes case?! ;}

This was super easy and turned out super cute!!
Plus it's a NO SEW project :}

Then I thought...
HEY, what about a matching burp cloth...

So I used one of the many
plain white burp cloths/cloth diapers
we have from the hospital when we had Cadence.
{I am guilty of taking a few extra, but I think they expect that!}

First, I measured the length and width
of the center section to cut my piece of fabric.
I added an extra 1/2" to each end to be able to wrap around
the top and bottom edge.
I didn't worry about the sides since I would be covering it.
Then, I just pinned my fabric into place
and sewed around the edges.
To finish the side edges I added some 1/4" satin ribbon
{I thought this would be soft enough for a baby's face}

But I wasn't done yet...

I am always seeing this adorable little onesies
with the ruffles on the bottoms
and thought that would be the perfect!

For the ruffles I cut a 14"{length} x 1"{width} strips of fabric,
then sewed right down the middle.
{I just did two ruffles since this is a newborn onesie, but you can always do more!}
Then, I took the top thread only
and started gathering the fabric until it was spaced evenly.
Lastly, I pinned the gathered strips to the onesie
and sewed right down the middle again onto the onesie!
{Or go here for a more detailed tutorial}

I also thought the front could use something,
so I cut out a heart shape and hand stitched it to the front.
{hey, I am still learning to sew in a straight line on the machine!}

This was a fun project and the possiblities are endless!

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