Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crafty: Toy Trucks


A few months back,
I found myself in the dollar section {again ;}
at Target!

And came across these great little wooden trucks :)
At first I thought about letting my daughter paint them,
but then I thought it would be even better
to Mod Podge them with fun paper!
{I plan to use these colors for the next one, to make it extra girly!}

So I just traced the outline of the car on the back of the paper
Cut it out and did extra trimming where it needed!
Since I was planning to use the monkey paper for the sides,
I wanted to make sure it looked like there was
a monkey in the window area :}
Then I just painted the car with Mod Podge 
and attached the paper.
I applied two coats of Mod Podge all over
once all the sides were covered in paper
to give it a good seal!

What do you think?
My daughter LOVES it!

Girls like trucks too,
BigSis LilSis


  1. Cute! Way to give a boring-ish toy some personality and be display- worthy!

  2. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for linking up! My boys would adore this!!!

  3. Well isn't that just adorable! Looks so much better than just painting it!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Scraptastic Saturday!

    Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/


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