Monday, September 13, 2010

Deal of the Day: Iced Coffee

I rarely drink hot coffee in the summer,
but I LOVE an iced coffee!!

I am a starbucks junkie when it comes to a

But since they are over $3,
I decided to cut back and just go with a traditional iced coffee
w/ vanilla flavoring
at what I thought was as steal
for only $1.85!

Then I thought to myself,
why am I even paying that much?!

I have coffee at home
and flavored creamer!!
{Dunkin Donuts coffee and French Vanilla creamer ;}

So here is my calculated savings
based on having a coffee everyday for a month:

Starbucks Iced Coffee.... $1.85 x 30 = $55.50

McDonald Iced Coffee.... $1.49 x 30 = $44.70
{just thought I would throw this in to compare too ;}

My @ Home Iced Coffee....

***Drum roll please***

$0.19 x 30 = $5.70


So, basically I can have a delicious iced coffee
everyday for a month
for the same price of one starbucks coffee and pastry,
while saving myself $50 to stash or buy myself something cute! ;}

Having my cake and eating it,
BigSis LilSis


  1. That is what is known as the latte factor. In my old days as a stock broker I used this example (which is from David Bach's book, Smart Women Finish Rich..which you are sure to do) often. You are such a smartie!

  2. mmm....that looks so good! Saw your link at Blue Cricket's Show and Tell!

  3. Great pic! I too love dd coffee at home and vanilla creamer. Tomorrow I will try it iced! Also found you from Blue Cricket.

  4. Wow. It's amazing how quickly those things add up!

    Feel free to stop by my Etsy shop for free earring Fridays!

  5. If you like Chai, you should try the Spicy Chai Latte mix from Trader Joes! Its a powder you can mix into water, but I add a little to my coffee with some milk. It's a nice little makeover for your coffee.

  6. Oh, I just had to stop by when I saw the photo of the refreshing iced coffee ~ smart girl!

    Sweet place you have here. I am looking forward to perusing more of your posts :)

    Kindly, ldh

  7. I do this but with hot chocolate. I make iced hot chocolate as well as frozen slushy hot chocolate! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!


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