Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crafty: Baby Shower Favors

I was trying to think of something cute and practical for a
Baby Shower Favor
{So it wouldn't just get tossed when the guest leaves!}

As I was browsing through Target
{no suprise there!}
I came across the travel size hand sanitizers.

I thought, WOW this would be perfect,
{but they just aren't very cute... yet!}
How can I pretty these up? Tie a bow around it?
Put a sticker on it?
If only it didn't have the brand sticker on it...
OH WAIT, it comes off!!
{everyone loves to have one of these in their purse, right
and you gotta have clean hands to hold the BABY!}

So my next stop was for stickers and ribbon
I walked into Micheal's
{waddled is probably more accurate!}
To my surprise they had a huge selection of ribbon in the $1 bin
{and in PINK! Of course you can do this in BLUE too ;}
I also found some girly stickers to put on the bottles!

Here is the finished product :}

The guests loved them too!

You can do this with the larger bottles as well
{as long as there is a removable sticker}
They would make great quick gifts for
co-workers, teachers, family 
or anyone that goes out in public! ;}

Have fun,
BigSis LilSis

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