Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The VEGAN Challenge: DAY 2

Day 2:
Went a little better!
Actually A LOT better!!

Bagel w/ peanut butter {YUM!}
the other half of my grapefruit {also YUM!}
Coffee w/ Silk french vanilla soy creamer {tasting a little better ;}

Peppered Tofurky sandwich w/ mustard, lettuce and tomato 
{I really wanted some avocado, but didn't have any}
This sandwich was so much better than it sounds!!
The Tofurky was surprisingly tasty,
my hubby was totally grossed out by the idea of "Tofurky,"
but if he gave a chance I think he would like it!
Oh and those Veggie tortilla chips are super good too.
The three flavors are: 
spinach & garlic, red beet & onion, tomato & sesame
{thanks for the suggestion Nancy}

That's right, I said OREOS!!!
My life just got a whole lot BETTER today
when I found this list
*It is still best to check the ingredients listed on these products,
 as some may contain traces of animal-derived ingredients.
I double checked the ingredients on my OREOS 
and I was in the clear!! YUM-O!!

We went over to my In-laws to celebrate my Brother-In-Law's birthday
Happy Birthday Chris!!
There was Sausage pizza,
Ham and Pineapple pizza (my fav)
and Veggie pizza
Now since I am not eating cheese I removed the top and ate
Cheese-less veggie pizza 
Luckily there was salad too!!
Thanks to my MIL I was able to eat :)
dessert was a different story 
{and kinda depressing}
I was an ice cream cake,
not just any ice cream cake 
{maybe with a flavor I hated, unlikely}
but with World Class Chocolate ice cream
{my #1 fav)
At this point I am still very strong and not willing to break on Day 2!

After I found my "accidentally vegan" list
I started searching for sites that would let me know 
what specific ingredients I should be looking for that would be 
animal-derived or dairy
helped me with so simple key points from when shopping
Since those ingredient list can sometime seem like a foreign language
Just because it say "non-dairy" or "lactose free" 
doesn't deem it Vegan

Hopefully this will make things a little easier 
for shopping and EATING! 
 It has already made me feel like 
I can actually eat things I have always eaten!!


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  1. Oreo's are Vegan..? I think the idea about Vegan is you don't eat processed food, silly. The whole point is that you eat foods that you make from scratch, including nuts, rices, wheat's, etc.. :)

    Glad Day 2 was better! :)


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