Monday, February 7, 2011

The VEGAN Challenge: DAY 1... no winner :(

When someone asks me if I want to hear the 
or the
I usually want the GOOD first
because then I can be authentically HAPPY about it!
If I hear BAD news first,
 then it just puts a damper on the GOOD news :{
So with that being said I will tell you about my
1st DAY
on the VEGAN Challenge!

Here was the menu for the day,
{from Good to Bad}

Whole wheat linguine, pasta sauce with a rainbow of veggies!
a little side salad with my favorite oil based dressing!
I was so excited to end the day with such a delicious meal!!
My secret ingredient: 
add a little brown sugar to the sauce 
to help cut out some of the acidity!

Kashi Go Lean cereal w/ light Soy milk
and a half of a grapefruit!
This was a decent breakfast, 
but I really couldn't stop thinking about 
how much I wanted a homemade egg mcmuffin!
As I sat down with my girls to eat breakfast,
Cadee with her waffle and syrup!
I looked at mine and thought,
OMG! This is what it feels like to be on a diet!!
The cereal was fine, 
it just tasted like puffed rice 
and granola clusters with a hint of cinnamon. 
The soy milk was interesting, 
kinda sweet and not white, 
that's what surprised me most.
The grapefruit was delicious, the perfect sweet and sour!
I also had some coffee with SILK french vanilla creamer 
and that is definitely going to take some getting used to, 
from previously using Coffeemate creamer. 
I was bummed to find out, 
that just because Coffeemate creamer 
is "non-dairy" and has "no lactose,"
is unfortunately NOT VEGAN :{

UGH! Kill me now!
The soup was so BLAH!
I have had other brands of lentil soup and really liked it,
at this point going Vegan is not looking promising :{
I usually like a little bread with butter when I have soup,
to dip it in and just cause butter is so tasty!
This "faux" buttery spread,
is also going to take some getting used to,
it's definitely NOT butter!
Salad was my favorite part!! ;}

So I think today was 45% successful!

Oh and unfortunately,
I still have the WORST news :{
We didn't get enough pledges 
to take the challenge 
so, I can't do the giveaway!

I do have a little surprise up my sleeve for tomorrow,
here is to hoping it turns out well!


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  1. You're so funny..

    Alright here are some tips. Get Vanilla almond or soy milk. I think Almond Milk (365 Brand), is the best flavor. Tee buttery spread is awesome, I can't believe you don't like it! Also add some blueberries to your cereal, yumm..

    Try any of Amy's soups. They are amazing. Esp the Vegetarian Lentil. They should be pretty much vegan, I think.


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