Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crafty: Infant Car Seat Canopy

My 1st finished project on my NEW sewing machine!!

So I made a list of things  {back in January}
that I wanted to complete before Aria was born.
Now that we are a week away...
this is pretty much all I have finished ;}

This was much easier than I anticipated
and I am already working on a second one
for a friend who just had a baby!

I made this project my first priority on the list
because I knew it would get used immediately.
We were always covering Cadee's infant car seat with a blanket,
but it would constantly fall off,
especially when we would carry it by the handle.
So, when I saw this I knew it would keep our little pumkin covered
and able to sleep undisturbed :}

You can find the pattern I used here on Etsy!

Sew Happy,
BigSis LilSis

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