Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aria's Birth Story

May 5, 2010

Our day started out normal enough at 7:30am. Adam and I took Cadence to daycare and then I dropped him off at work {so I could have the car}.  I chatted with his coworkers for a bit then I was off to the fabric store to get some last minute items for a project that I thought I should finish before the baby came, since my time would be limited after the baby ;}

I had a doctor appointment that day at 11:45, so when I got home from the fabric store, I got started on my project right away {you can easily loose track of time sewing}. Before I knew it I need to be at my appointment in 10 min, but first I had to go back and pick up Adam at work to go with me!! OOPS!!

I got to Adam's work and he told his boss he would be back shortly and we were off to the appointment!
{we now know he wouldn't be back at work ;}

We hurried into the office and they got my weight and all that good stuff ;} The doctor came in and asked how I was doing? Good, feel great! Any contractions? Just the practice ones like normal, but there doesn't seem to been too much of a pattern {honestly I hadn't been paying much attention since then didn't bother me}
So she decided to check me and said I was about 3cm and 80% effaced and the baby's head was down low :} Adam and I liked this news!! Next she wanted to check the size of the baby and did a quick ultrasound for measurements. She said that Aria was looking to be around 7lbs 7oz {but of course that was just an estimate ;}
After she sat down and explained that since today was my due date {which we thought was the 8th this whole time} that she didn't want me going past my due date and wanted to monitor the baby and get things going.
Adam and I looked at each other kind of confused and then at the doctor again and said okay, when are we going to do that? She said, "Today, go ahead and head over to the hospital from here and we {Dr. Teagle & Midwife Maria Gruelich} will meet you over there in a little bit."
I was in totally SHOCK and just said, "Okay, so we are having this baby today? Do we need to go get our things?" "Yes, you are having the baby and your husband can go get your things once we have you checked in." :)

So off we went {the hospital is next door, so it was pretty fast}.
 We called our parents and my Mom met us there. I was a little overwhelmed at the moment from the news and had a moment {happy though :}, Adam can always make me feel better and I know everything will be fine :}

We went to Labor & Delivery to check in and they were ready for us, got us in a room and the staff was so nice and welcoming. They were excited that I was going to be doing a VBAC {Vaginal Birth After Cesarean}
Once I had my IV and monitors, Dr. Teagle and Maria came to see how I was and decided that breaking my water would be the best route since I was having contractions already and we would see how things went. I was relieved to not get Pitocin right away like they did with Cadence, because it made the contractions SO strong. And I was hoping to get as far as I could without the epidural, so things could progress naturally. Let my body do the work! :}

Breaking my water worked perfectly! I started having mild contractions within a half hour and just did a lot of walking up and down the hall. A couple of hours passed and the family started to arrive in the waiting room and when Dr. Teagle came back to check on me I was 4-5cm and 100% effaced, with the baby's head nice and low :} It is always reassuring to get good progress news, especially when you are starting to get some GOOD, STRONG contractions! It gives you the motivation to go a little longer.
About an hour later I was ready for my epidural {I wanted to get some rest and keep my strength for pushing!}

Now that I was more comfortable and relaxed our families came in to visit with us and I steadily progressed 1cm an hour like the doctor had hoped and me and the baby were looking great on the monitors :} Our family started taking bets on when the baby would arrive and I thought for sure we would be having a Cinco de Mayo baby!

Around 11pm Dr. Teagle checked me again and I was at 9.5cm, 100% effaced and the head was low enough for pushing. She decided to give my a little bit of Pitocin to see if it would help that last half cm.

May 6, 2010

Around 12:30ish {time is a little vague here} Maria and the nurse came in and just watched my monitor for a little bit and then Dr. Teagle came in and checked me saying there hadn't been any change {funny because this is exactly what happened with Cadee birth!} When she said that I was thinking it looked like another c-section {either way we just wanted a healthy Mom and healthy baby}, but she said if I could give her a good practice push she would be able to tell if we could get passed the last half cm left.
So I gave it all I had and she said, "OK! Let's give this a try!!"
I was so excited to be able to at least try and not have to go straight to a C-section, because I just knew deep down

Once I started pushing {about 1 am-ish}, all I remember is pushing! That has to be the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life! I never knew how much strength and energy you have to put into pushing a baby out! But 45 minutes later my precious baby girl was born and it was totally worth it!! That had to be the most amazing experience and rush of emotion that I will probably ever experience!!

She looks so much like Cadee, but the complete opposite in hair and skin color! Aria has super dark hair and a ton of it with a slight olive tone to her skin :}
She is so beautiful and I am in love already!!

May 6, 2010
1:46 am
7lbs, 14 oz ~ 19in.

Thank You's

Adam ~ My absolutely amazing hubby, you gave me that extra strength I needed to bring our baby girl to us. I LOVE YOU!!
Cadence ~ I LOVE YOU so much sweetie and you are going to be a fantastic BIG SISTER!!
Mom ~ Thank you for being there for me, your energy was perfect and I am so glad to have shared this experience with you. I LOVE YOU!!
To all of our FAMILY, thank you for your support and continued support! You are always there to help when ever we need it! Aria and Cadee are so lucky to have such a wonderful family :}
Dodds Family ~ Thank you for making a space in your hearts and home for Cadee. She loves you guys and so do we. Thank you for all you help!
To all my amazing FRIENDS for being there to share in all the special and happy event in my life! :} You're the BEST!!

I also cannot say enough good things about Dr. Teagle and Maria Gruelich!! They are a fantastic team and had the perfect balance to keep me on track and motivated throughout this birth. I would recommend them to all expectant mothers!! Plus, you get to deliver at El Camino Hospital Los Gatos. We had a wonderful experience there and the STAFF is so kind and really care about YOU! 


  1. Ahhhhhhhh you have me teary eyed at work!!! Congratulations Erica & Adam!!!!! XOXOXO

  2. Erica you did it!!! I am so happy and proud of you!!! I am completely teary eyed at work reading this wonderful adventure, thank you so much for sharing this experience, its so nice to hear the whole story for the non-mommies lol All your hard work and love really shows in your beautiful family! You are truely blessed! Congratulations Adam & Erica & Cadence too! We Love You!!!

  3. Love the story!! Way to go Mama!! I am glad you were able to do a VBAC so much easier to recover from then a c-sec I am sure!! I hope Ican meet that little one sometime soon!! Love ya xoxoxoxxo
    Love sharon


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