Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, Go GREEN!!

It's important for all of us to do our part
in lowering our carbon footprint,
each of us can can make a difference :}

Here are a few simple suggestions to add to your daily routine:

5 simple ways to GO GREEN!!

*Reusable water bottles, we LOVE CamelBak
(BPA free is key, no one likes extra chemicals in their water)
and a Brita pitcher {good for the earth and your wallet ;}
*Use your plastic bags more than once
or check out snackTAXI!
{if you are feeling crafty, you can make your own}
*Try buying local organic produce
(i.e. Planet Organics)
{a friend recently posted about this growing company here!}
*Use less laundry detergent or make your own
{Check out this fascinating article which includes the recipe}
*Recycle clothing with your local thrift shop
{i.e. Goodwill or Crossroads}

Happy Earth Day,
BigSis LilSis

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