Friday, December 20, 2013

Handmade Christmas

I am having so much fun sewing for "myself" even though its for my kids! I am getting to do some personal projects I haven't had time for in a while. I love how busy I am with my Etsy shop, but it nice to have a break and do something different :)

I decided to make some accessories for my girls baby dolls for Christmas. 

It started with some baby doll diapers

Then I wanted to add some bibs and burp cloths to match :)

Finally I finished up with a satin ruffle trim blanket and pillow for baby doll crib! This one took some time :-/ probably won't make one of these again, unless they beg me ;)

I made everything more purple and catered toward Aria because she tends to play with the dolls more often, but I know (hope) they both love what I made! 

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