Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chair Recovery

It has been a long time coming,
Our dining room chairs have needed some serious TLC 
for quite some time!
(I am so embarrassed to even show them)
Result of two toddlers in 4 years!

 I finally made the time stopped procrastinating 
and found the perfect fabric (on sale too ;)

This was so much easier than I imagined 
and the main reason I dragged my feet on getting it done!
Here is the final result of chair #1
(Using the staple gun was so much fun too!)


Being my first attempt at recovering chairs,
I am so happy and kinda look forward to getting to do it again!
But not too soon... 
hopefully I get to enjoy these for a little while 
before they end up like what is underneath!!
(Not sure the Scotch Guard can even protect them from my girls ;)

 One for the desk too!

Here is a list of what I used to get the job done,
* 6 Chairs
* 3 yards of fabric cut into 24 x 23 inch pieces 
*screw driver
*staple gun
*Scotch guard

Then I basically used YouTube to get an idea on how to fold the corners,
since that part can be a little tricky!

Hope you have time to give it a try and spice up your dining table!!


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