Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chicken Caprese and Pasta

So on my trip to Costco,
I picked up three packs of fresh mozzarella!
I could pass it up, but you can only eat so much on it's own,
it was time to get creative :)
So most of us have tried a Caprese salad,
but I thought it might be interesting to try it on chicken!


2 large chicken breast (or amount needed for servings)
2-3 slices of fresh mozzarella per chicken breast (1 ball gave 8 slices)
1 large tomato (sliced for 2-3 slices per chicken breast)
dried or fresh basil
salt and pepper
balsamic vinegar

Season the chicken with salt and pepper, grill indoor or outdoor.
When the chicken is fully cooked, remove and place in a baking dish. 
Top with 2-3 slices or tomato and mozzarella. 
Add a little salt and pepper and basil.
Broil in oven until the cheese begins to melt.
Plate the chicken and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.
Serve with side salad or pasta.

We decided to try a quick and easy side too!
Have you heard of Suddenly Salads?
Grab a coupon here!
It was super easy to make and made a great light side dish :)
I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors

So I was pleasantly surprised with our impromptu creation
It got the hubby's approval too ;)
I am thinking next time I might try to put some 
pesto on the chicken
under the tomato and mozzarella! YUM!


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