Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fabulous Find: Ella's Kitchen ~ Organic Baby Food

We all know toddlers can be picky,
but my toddler will not even touch a veggie!

As an infant she ate all the pureed veggies so well, 
the moment she hit toddlerhood, 
she wanted nothing to do with them!

I suspect
I am not the only Mom trying to sneak a veggie or two 
any chance I get 
{most of the time very unsuccessful}
I have tried hiding them in her food, 
telling her they are candy, 
but I think when it comes down to it 
the taste and texture just doesn't work for her.
So the struggle continues... 

Or not,
I may have found the answer to our veggie problems...

Organic Baby Food

I gave her the 
Broccoli, Pears and Peas
{I know it doesn't sound very good, but it isn't bad, I tried it too}
she LOVED it!!! YAY!!
She even asked for more when she was done,
 that is a complete success in my book! :}}}

I think she likes the packaging too
because she can sit in her playroom 
and drink it with the little straw!

Needless to say, 
{I am so desperate to get her to eat veggies}
we will be having these on hand from now on!
I found them at Babies R Us on sale for $1 each.

If you have a picky little eater like me,
maybe give these a try, 
there are a bunch of flavors!!

Sneaky {and proud of it} Mommy,

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  1. I love them too, I have found them at one other grocery store as well. Not the same brand but the same idea & organic. My 17mo LOVES them & he is not so much of a picky eater as he is too busy to sit down & eat. They are easy & healthy on the go! How much better does it get?


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