Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deal of the Day: Bargain Betty

Who loves a great bargain?!

I know I DO!

I am going to share some of my
to getting the best bang for your buck!

With the slow of the economy
I have been noticing that stores are starting to compete
with prices much more than before:

*Offering price matching
*Coupons / Double Coupons
*Special Day Deals
*Giftcards with purchase

One of my absolute favorite places to shop is TARGET
The great thing about Target is that they will take
 1 store coupon {which you can find and print from their website} 
along with 1 manufacturer's coupon 
so you can get DOUBLE the savings!

They also price match,
so if you find an item cheaper somewhere else,
they will give you that price!

If an item you bought goes on sale the next week,
go to customer service and ask for a price adjustment!
{If you are like me, I am there every week so I am not making a seperate trip
 each time to do this}

Another great way to save is to stock up!
Target often offers gift cards with purchase 
on certain items for you to use
on your next purchase and save even more!

Many of the Target stores are now expanding their
grocery items and I have found a huge difference
in prices on their store brand
compared to other store brands {i.e. Safeway}
Especially for dairy {milk, cheese, eggs}, cereals,
frozen food and even produce!

One thing Safeway has that Target does not are
 Special Deal Days
they frequently highlight items for a reduced price
on specific days!
{just check your weekly mailer}
They will have coupons for FREE items
with a minimum purchase
{We once got a free O.J., english muffins, dozen eggs, and bacon!}

*One EXTRA tip for those coupons you just can't seem to find:
Go to the manufacturer's website
and find their contact information,
Take a minute to write them a quick email, letter
or give them a call.
Let them know that you LOVE their products,
but notice the items are not on sale very often
or rarely find coupons.
Most likely you with find coupons in your mail box
within a week or two!
I have personally had success with this many times :)
*I owe thanks to my 6th grade teacher Mr. Clarkson, he had us write letters to our favorite candy company and everyone received coupons or candy in return! ;}

So take a little extra time to compare prices,
cut coupons, or check your weekly ads
you could be saving more than your think!

A penny saved is a penny earned, right?!

BigSis LilSis

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